Pure Silk Garden Suzani Pillow


Brand DecoHuso
Base: Handwoven, natural raw silk
Front: Hand-embroidered, 100% silk threads
Back: Silk solid color matching front
Closure: Concealed zipper
Made in: Uzbekistan
Assembled in: New York, NY
Insert: FREE with purchase of 2+ pillows (of any kind)

Care Instructions for Silk:

Dry clean or wash by hand.

If washing by hand:

  1. Let the fabric soak in a basin for a maximum of 30 minutes using a delicate soap such as Dr Bronner's directly on the stain. 
  2. Rinse with room temperature water until soap is gone. 
  3. To dry, don't wring out the water by twisting. Instead, press it out with a towel and let it dry naturally, away from the sun. 
  4. To smooth out any wrinkles, do not iron. Instead, use steam.