Our mission is to make beautiful, handmade products with the latest trends in ikat, suzani, and jacquard fabrics at the most competitive prices. We personally consult on the motifs with our team of artisans and all orders are custom woven for our website, meaning we are able to fulfill this promise unlike any other store. Others simply cannot compete.


Hello, my name is Hüseyin. I spent most of my life as a carpet salesman in the Grand Bazaar, in Istanbul. In 1995, my wife, Susan, and I moved to the US along with our son. (If you live in New York, you may know Susan as New York Violinist.)

I spent many of my early years doing the odd job here and there (e.g. driving limos), but my true passion lies in interior decor and hand-made goods. Since early 2004, I've been providing oriental rug consulting on the East Coast.

In mid 2015, I got an important phone call. It was old friend from the Grand Bazaar. He told me about how poorly business had been ever since the terrorist attacks in Istanbul. He wanted to know if there was a way to reach his typical customers online.

After some thinking, we figured out that the ikat pillow market was clearly underserved in North America. All there was, until our website, were textiles made in China being sold dirt cheap with no attention to quality or craftsmanship. We decided to better serve customers who deserved much better quality. We decided to source our ikat textiles from local artisans — right in Istanbul — and control the full production process. There is no middleman; we are the outright owners of our products.

Why shop with us?

  • We offer completely free shipping within the United States and Canada for orders over $99.
  • You can contact us for recommendations on designs that would best suit your interiors.
  • We offer the most competitive prices on the best quality fabrics available online.